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Federation Peak in the Eastern Arthur Range is considered by many to be the most difficult bushwalk that follows a track in Australia. Like the Western Arthurs, the Eastern Arthurs are achingly beautiful and physically challenging. Federation Peak wasn’t officially climbed until 1949 although it was summited prior to that but that date couldn’t be made official because the lead climber fell to his death on the descent. According to Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife about half the people who bushwalk (3-7 days) to the peak with the intent of climbing it never make it to the summit. The fact the final direct ascent starts two thirds of the way up a near vertical 1800′ face may have something to do with this statistic. Definitely a lifetime acheivement for me in making it to the top, especially since I got off the direct ascent route that can be done with basic rockclimbing skills and went up a technical route (Chockstone Gully) that usually requires ropes ! On a perfect day with calm winds and bright sunshine I’d traversed the range from my campsite at Goon Moor, climbed Federation in the early afternoon, descended, and spent the overnight at nearby Hanging Lake. As is typical in Tassie, I didn’t see a person until mid-morning of the next day (a couple I’d passed several days earlier) and it would be three days after that before I saw another.

Federation Peak from Goon Moor


From the summit looking back down the ascent



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