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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Grandpa said to cousin Jed
Sitting on the porch,
“I won’t retire
But I might retread.”
Seem like that guy singin’ this song
Been doing it for a long time
Is there anything he knows
That he ain’t said?

Sing a song for freedom
Sing a song for love
Sing a song for depressed angels
Falling from above.
Grandpa held the paper
Pretending he could see
But he couldn’t read
Without his glasses on
“How can all those people
Afford so many things?
When I was young we wore
What we had on.”

Mamma said, “A little love and affection
In everything you do
Will make the world a better place
With or without you.
“A little love and affection
In everything you do
A better place
With or without you.”

Slamming down some late night shots
The artist and the hero compare
Those envisions and afterthoughts
For the twenty first century.
But mostly came up with nothing
So the truth was never learned
And the human race just
Kept rollin’ on.
Rollin’ through the fighting
Rollin’ through the religious wars
Rollin’ down the temple walls
And the churches’ exposed sores.
Rollin’ through the fighting
Through religious wars
Mostly came up with nothing…

“Grandpa, here’s your glasses;
You’ll see much better now,”
Said that young girl
Of Edith and Earl’s.
But Grandpa just kept starin’
He was lost in some distant thought
Then he turned and he said
To that young girl,

“A little love and affection
In everything you do
Will make the world a better place
With or without you.

“A little love and affection
In everything you do
A better place
With or without you.”

Hear the rooster crowin’
Down on the Double E
It’s a new morning
Breaking on the green.
Bouncing off the Towers,
The sun’s heading for the street
The business meeting
Window shades are drawn.
Another morning edition
Is headed for the porch
Because Grandma puts down the paper
Before Grandpa raises his fork.

A little love and affection
In every thing you do
A better place
With or without you.

Neil Young “Falling From Above”


“So let the birds fly down the valley,

Let the storms roam on the sea.

I was born to the rainbows circle.

Stoney Mountain, that’s home to me.”

Tom Rush – Merrimack County

On Precipitous Bluff



I’ve never seen as many, and great variety of,  rainbows as in Tassie. I saw flat rainbows, looked down from cliffs at rainbows below, and watched a single cloud move across the sky on an otherwise cloudless day with a sheet of rainbow below it. Some others:





Some of the most beautiful and challenging walking in Tasmania. The climb to the summit of Mt. Anne (which I did between hail storms !) is described as “airy” by one guidebook. If that means large parts of your body are frequently hanging out in the air over thousand foot drops, it was spot on.

Lake Judd From Mt. Lot


The Notch


Mt. Anne


Mt. Lot and Lot’s Wife


Memento Mori Along The Way


From Mt. Anne Plateau: Precipitous Bluff on the left and Federation Peak on the right.


You may have heard of  the Sea Shepard Conservation Society and it’s vessel the Steve Irwin single-handedly taking on the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean. In need of resupply, and after being denied entry into other harbors, it found a welcoming port in Hobart. Evident on the starboard bow is where it had collided with a whaler just weeks before.

Tasmania was a whaling center in the mid 1800’s, with hundreds of thousands of whales killed and processed for oil and baleen as they migrated to and from Antarctic waters. Even  today the bottom of bays where the butchery was carried out are strewn with bones and the sandy ground where the rendering sites were is black with ash from the fires.tas-0809-059tas-0809-057










tas-0809-039May you build a ladder to the stars,

And climb on every rung.

May you stay,

Forever young.


(Bob Dylan, Forever Young)