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Often times at night in the mountains in Tassie the temperature would dip into the low 30’s (F) and even though I had a good bag (Montbell Super Stretch Hugger rated to 20F)  my fat free body would be cold and so I often slept in the fetal position. With knees bent they would be achy from reduced circulation for most of the night and next morning and it was becoming a problem. One day as I headed across the Arthur Plains to what I knew would be a cold night in the Western Arthurs Range, and dreading it, I was thinking about how to keep my knees warm. I’d probably spent five minutes as  I walked mulling this over when what did I see lying  before me in the Port Davey Track but a single sock. Not just any sock but a giant sock ! In a flash I knew my nights of cold knees were over.

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                                                                                                                     TAS 0809 087

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